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Radon testing and radon inspections in Berlin, CT

Having worked in all areas of residential construction, our team of experts guarantees to provide the best home inspection in Berlin, CT. One of the most important factors of owning and buying a home is knowing the condition, both internally and externally, it is in. With an inspection from our team, your inspection will have an expert technician, as well as the most advanced technology in the industry, including imaging cameras, moisture meters and combustible gas leak detectors. And with a detailed, easy-to-read report following your inspection, you will know exact areas requiring attention and what the next best steps are. Schedule your home inspection with our team today.

Home Inspector

Don’t buy a home without knowing the exact condition of all its areas. Certified home inspections with Waypoint Property Inspections give homeowners, homebuyers and home sellers the peace of mind that their entire home is in great condition. Our thorough inspections cover all interior and exterior parts of your home to give accurate feedback on areas potentially needing repair or replacement. With the best technology in the industry, we can inspect hard-to-reach places clearly without any cosmetic damage to the home. Make sure your attics, heating and cooling and doors and windows are working their best with a home inspection from the Waypoint team.

Radon Inspection

Radon is a cancer-causing natural gas that can be found in any home, no matter its age. This carcinogenic toxin is both colorless and odorless, so detecting it in your home can only be accomplished by certified professionals, like Waypoint’s inspectors. We are determined to keep our community safe, which is why our attentive technicians utilize industry-leading technology to locate radon in your home. Know your home is as safe as can be with a radon inspection today from Waypoint Property Inspections.

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